Application Checking Service

The Application Checking Service Consultation is where we will review your application you have prepared in full and check that all your documents are acceptable, present and correct. We can also address any concerns or queries you may have.

After we have checked your application, you will be issued a report detailing strengths and weaknesses in your application and also detail documents you may wish to obtain further before you submit your application.

What We Do – Application Check And Send What we Save You
– Advising you of the information and documentation that we will need to prepare the application within the limited time allocated to make the best application for you.
– Evaluating the information and documents you provide to ensure that the application has the highest possible prospect of success within the limited time allocated
– Checking and amending all application forms you provide that is necessary to make the application within the limited time allocated
– Preparing a covering letter to accompany the application, explaining the purpose and nature of the application within the limited time allocated
– Liaising with the UKBA PEO and yourself until the application is determined
– Notifying you of the outcome of the application and any further obligations that you may have in accordance with conditions imposed by the relevant authority
– No need to re-submit the same immigration application.

– No need to make a second payment of the government fee.

– No Need to potentially jeopardise any future claim to immigrate or migrate to any country.

– Avoid additional costs and delay.

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