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Renounce your British Citizenship or other form of British Nationality

UK citizenship can be obtained through obtaining indefinite leave to remain or through your ancestry (the right of abode). Nationality releases means that you become free from immigration control and having a British passport carries with it certain numerous benefits. At iam (immigration and migration) we make the process of applying, finding whether you are a British citizen, and other forms of British nationality, and how you can give up your citizenship.

British nationality law is a complex area of UK immigration law. Therefore professional advice from iam (immigration and migration will be crucial to your application. Even the information on the UKBA website cannot be as comprehensive to make sure every angle has been looked at.

Depending on your current citizenship or nationality, you may be able to apply in several ways.

It is also useful to know that with British Citizenship, your are entitled to dual (or even multiple) nationalities, dependant on your original nationality. We ensure you maintain both nationalities where possible.

Contact us to find out how this will affect you when you are travelling or visit our discussion topics in our blogs pages to find out how other travellers have found the practicalities of travelling with dual nationalities.

How do I apply for a British passport?

UK Citizenship, or Naturalisation, entitles you to a life in the UK, a British passport, unrestricted entry to the UK, and free movement within the European Union (EU). As part of our service, when we apply for your citizenship, you can elect for us to also assist you in applying for your first British passport, renewal or obtaining your lost passport in the shortest possible time. Apply for your Adult British Passport or Apply Child British Passport Now.

Apply for British Citizenship or other form of British Nationality

Apply for a Adult British Passport | Apply for a Child British Passport

Apply for proof that you have not become a British citizen

Renounce your British citizenship or another form of British nationality?

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