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London Met Regains International Student Licence

London Metropolitan university, the first university to have its non-EU sponsor licence revoked, has regained its foreign student licence enabling them once again to recruit and teach foreign students.

Licence revocation

In august last year London Met’s foreign student licence was revoked after an audit of the university by UK Border Agency (“UKBA”) found that the university had failed to address what was described the Immigration Minister Damian Green as “systematic failings”.
The audit highlighted a number of areas where the University has failed:
– More than a quarter of the 101 students sampled were studying in the country when they had no leave to remain
– 20 of 50 files checked found no proper evidence that the students had attained the mandatory English level required.
– 57% of the sampled records had attendance and monitoring issues that made it impossible to know if the students were attending classes.

Effect on London Metropolitan University

Initially the UKBA insisted that all its foreign students would have to leave however a High court ruling gave leave for bona fide foreign students to continue their studies pending a full hearing of the Universities call for a Judicial review of the original decision.

The ruling allowed students with full immigration status who were already enrolled or who had been offered a place at the university to stay until the end of this academic year or till the end of their course (which ever was sooner.)

Despite the ruling, less than half of the international students eligible to stay opted to do so with more than 55% of students finding a place else where or abandoning university study altogether.
Rival London based universities started aggressive marketing campaigns in hopes of snapping up former London Met students. Of the 1,385 students who had the option to stay at the University only 626 chose to do so.


It was the UKBA’s decision to revoke the universities Tier 4 sponsorship status who have since faced intense scrutiny not just for the London Metropolitan decision but also for poor performance.

Universities UK Chief executive Nicola Dandridge described the decision to revoke the licence as a “disproportionate reaction to a situation that should have been addressed without recourse to such drastic action”.

The UKBA faced intense scrutiny over its performance as almost half its forced removals it attempted had to be cancelled after successful legal challenges. The shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper stated that the problems with immigration has ‘[got] worse not better” under the collation government and that the Home Affairs Committee report on the UKBA “showed a

Net Immigration Has Fallen

 Net Immigration has fallen

Last week most of the tabloid papers reported that immigration has fallen by a third due to overseas students, opting to go somewhere else instead of coming to the UK, Is this surprising? I would think not if you have read the negative press in regard to Eastern Europeans coming to the UK. Or could it be the education system is not as attractive as it once was with many reasons for coming to the UK having been removed.
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2013 Youth Mobility Scheme applications accepted for Taiwan from 7 March

From the 7th March 2013, the UK Border Agency at the visa application centre in Taiwan will accept Tier 5 (Youth mobility scheme) visa applications from Taiwan nationals.

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UKBA ever improving visa services for Chinese nationals

In light of the recent criticism that the UKBA has faced with the discovery by Chief Inspector of Boarders and Immigration, John Vine, of a backlog of over 16,000 unresolved cases, the UKBA has stayed resolute and recently revealed the success they have had in providing visa services to Chinese nationals. Read More

UKBA Backlog dubbed ‘Completely unacceptable’

Following an investigation on applications to remain in Britain on the basis of marriage by Chief Inspector of Boarders and Immigration, John Vine, a backlog of over 16,000 unresolved cases were discovered, over 2000 of which were simply found dumped in boxes. Mr. Vine described the situation as ‘completely unacceptable’ and stated that it was important that ‘ management of the UKBA and Border Force does its own homework and knows what demands it has on its own operation.’

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English Language Requirement for Family Members Entry Clearance

Unless you are a national of a Majority English Speaking Country or  are a long-term resident of a country with no test centre, and you are applying for a visa from that country, you are required to have passed an English language test for applications as a spouse, partner or fiancé or proposed civil partner joining a person already in the UK.

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British Nationality Refunds

Breaking news on Thursday 25th January 2013 the UKBA agency has announced that individuals, who applied to give up their British nationality between April 2007 and April 2010, may be entitled to a refund.

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