Students with International Baccalaureate qualifications – News Update

Information for students with International Baccalaureate qualifications

The UKBA are aware that students from 5th July 2011, with International Baccalaureate qualifications awards may not be issued with a paper transcript giving their results and that they will not receive their award certificates in time to apply for university courses starting in September this year.
To enable these students to apply under Tier 4, the UKBA have made provision for students relying on an International Baccalaureate qualification.

therefore the arrangements by the UKBA for International Baccalaureate Students with awards issued on 5 July 2011 is that where a Tier 4 student has been offered a course place on the basis of his/her International Baccalaureate award and he/she has not yet received his/her original award certificate, he/she should include:

A print out from the UCAS or International Baccalaureate Office online checking service confirming their results.

The Tier 4 Sponsor offering the course must also confirm that they have checked the Tier 4 Student’s International Baccalaureate award online in their Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.

Where a Tier 4 student has been offered a course place on the basis of their International Baccalaureate award and they have received their award certificate they should include this with their application.

This concession only applies to students from 5 July 2011 until 15 September 2011.

25 August 2011

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