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UKBA Backlog dubbed ‘Completely unacceptable’

Following an investigation on applications to remain in Britain on the basis of marriage by Chief Inspector of Boarders and Immigration, John Vine, a backlog of over 16,000 unresolved cases were discovered, over 2000 of which were simply found dumped in boxes. Mr. Vine described the situation as ‘completely unacceptable’ and stated that it was important that ‘ management of the UKBA and Border Force does its own homework and knows what demands it has on its own operation.’

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How Can You Enter the UK to Work, Study or Live – Part 1: Africa

In this six-part series of articles, we are going to explore how people from different continents can travel to the UK.

Each continent will have a specific discussion from the point of view of specific countries and from what the UK calls “visa nationals” and “non visa nationals”.

Obviously, we are going to miss out entirely nationals from EEA and Switzerland countries because if you have any of those nationalities, you will be free to move in and out of the UK as part of your free movement rights conferred by the European Treaties. Read More

UKBA Appeal the disclosure of their Immigration Discrimination List

The government has launched a two day appeal against a ruling by the information commissioner for a partial disclosure of the list that it must publish a secret blacklist of 44 countries whose nationals face tougher immigration measures when applying for a visa to come to Britain.

The blacklist consists of 44 countries with the worst immigration record whose nationals are targeted for tougher discriminatory action when applying to come to Britain.

It claims that by releasing the blacklist (“naming and shaming”) the countries, diplomatic relations could be soured and British travellers could be penalised by having their own visas restricted. These travellers include officials, which would “hinder our ability to function effectively overseas, damage business and reduce the projection of UK ‘soft power’.”
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New Application Process in Rome

From 8 October 2012 all UK visa applications submitted in Italy will be sent to the UK Border Agency’s regional processing centre in Croydon, London for assessment and decision.
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New UK Border Agency Immigration Visa Application Centre in Cebu, Philippines

On 4 October 2012 the UK Border Agency will open a new visa application centre, operated by VFS Global, in Cebu, The Philippines.
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UKBA Changes Online Application Holding Time

From Monday 1 October 2012, the UKBA are changing the length of time that any application completed online in the UK will be held in their customer account.

Your application information will only be held in their customer account for 8 weeks (56 calendar days).

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Temporary Reprieve for London Metropolitan University

The high court in London has granted a temporary reprieve to current non-EU students at the London Metropolitan University (LMU).

The high court has allowed over 2,000 non-EU students at the university to continue their ongoing courses, while permitting LMU to seek a judicial review of the revocation of its licence by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) on August 29.
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