TB Screening Mandatory For Indians Visiting UK After August 16th

All UK settlement visa applications in India after August 16th have to be accompanied by a TB clearance certificate if you wish to visit the UK for more than six months. The screening requirement will also be extended to applications for UK work visas (Tiers 1, 2 and 5 on the points based system) from September 10th and student visas (Tier 4) from November 1st.

Tuberculosis kills 1,000 Indians per days and for this reason India is one of the 67 countries to which pre-entry TB screening will be required. This list was prepared with the help of the World Health Organization and includes countries like China, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Applicants who require pre-entry TB screening will contact a clinician on the list in order to arrange an appointment. Nevertheless most applicants will require only a physical examination and a chest x-ray. If the result is that the individual is clear of TB, a certificate will be issued by the clinic and will be submitted with the UK visa application. This certificate will have to be carried in hand luggage and presented on arrival at the UK airport if requested.

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