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The government have two consultations currently running on UK immigration. The first looks at whether the UK should introduce tougher settlement restrictions

Launched on 9th June, the Government are consulting the public on settlement of migrants under Tiers 1 and 2 of the Points Based System together with Tier 5 and domestic workers. They have also commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to consider and provide advice on the following questions:

  1. What would be the economic effects of restricting or removing settlement rights in Tiers 1 and 2 and/or restricting leave to a maximum of 5 years?
  2. If settlement were to be restricted:
    1. Which economic criteria could be used to identify the most economically important Tier 2 migrants for settlement?
    2. Would there be merit in making allowance for specific skills or occupations as part of the assessment criteria, based on factors including strategic economic importance, provision of key public services, and ensuring that the UK attracts the top global talent?


If you would like to provide your views and evidence to us to report back to or directly approach MAC as part of their report back to the Government, please download the PDF document on the UKBA website or contact us. The deadline for submitting evidence to the MAC is 31st August.


The second consultation is with regards to Family migration


There are new proposals set out in a written ministerial statement by Immigration Minister Damian Green seeking to crack down on sham and forced marriages whilst seeking to promote the integration of family migrants into society.

The key proposals in this latest consultation include:

2. defining more clearly what constitutes a genuine and continuing marriage, to help identify sham and forced marriages;

3. introducing a new minimum income threshold for sponsors of partners and dependants;

4. extending the probationary period before partners can apply for settlement in the UK from 2 years to 5 years;

5. requiring partners and adult dependants to demonstrate an English language ability when applying for settlement; and

  1. 6. inviting views on whether a full right of appeal for family visitor visas should be maintained.


To read this latest consultant paper please go to the UKBA website. The closing date for responses is 6th October 2011.
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