UKBA Website suffering from Problems

The UKBA website, and it seems lately – a lot of their IT systems, seem to be falling over or stopping or crashing.

Today, attempts to get on to their website at seems to be bringing a message: ‘Internal error communicating with Mediasurface Server. Possible network failure. If problem persists, please report the following information to Mediasurface Support: java.rmi.UnmarshalException: Exception waiting for response; nested exception is: Forceful shutdown’.

This follows on from users being unable to register, unable to book appointments online and another host of gremlins.

We are all sure it will be up and running soon, so in the meantime; keep calm and dont panic. If you have any issues with visa expiry dates etc or are effected by these system failures, please note that it will still be your responsibility to get your applications to them in time to avoid unwanted results.

If there is anything that you are worried about, please contact one of our highly trained advisors on 0845 126 1350 to receive timely advice.

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