Visitors Under the UK/China Approved Destination Status (ADS) Agreement

Special measures have been undertaken by Britain in order to issue visas within five days for  the People’s Republic of China who wish to enter the UK for a short visit.

The improvements made by UKBA to the visa service in China are the following :

– 150 additional visa officers to assist during the peak summer period ;

– online application forms to streamline the visa application process ;

– 72 agents providing a dedicated service for tourist groups through the Approved Destination Scheme (ADS).

If you wish to apply for this visa, you will be required to demonstrate that you want to enter the UK for up to 30 days without intention of working, studying or conducting business in the UK.  You will also need to show that you will visit the UK only as a member of a tourist group of 5 people or more under the the ADS Memorandum of Understanding and you must be able to show that you will leave the UK after your visit. Lastly you must not intend to charge the public for services provided or goods received.

Here are the documents required to apply as a visitor under the UK / China Approved Destination (ADS) Agreement :

– Proof that you are a national of the People’s Republic of China ;

– Confirmation and reasons of your visit in the UK ;

– If you are employed, your employer has to approve that you leave for a specified period by a letter. The letter should include details about your work such as the duration, your position and your salary ;

– If you are self-employed, you have to present a letter which contains the evidence of your business activities, accounts and financial credibility ;

– Evidence of ties to your home country, for examples; ownership of property, family ties/responsibilities, employment ties ;

– Evidence of your travel plans ;

– Bank statements for the last 3 to 6 months ;

– Evidence of additional savings and any other asset.

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